The Role Of Meditation In Promoting Overall Wellness

Although my blogs so far have focused on vital health supplements like turmeric (containing curcumin), and the importance of both a plant-based diet (preferably organic) and ionized alkaline water which help to create an alkaline state in the body where cancer cells find it difficult to grow, the battle to prevent and heal cancer lies not only with what you put into your body, but also with what you put into your mind. In addition to tobacco (2017 research by the American Cancer Society states that 28.8% of all cancer deaths are tobacco-related), obesity (responsible for 6.5% of deaths) and alcohol (accounting for 4% of deaths) as the three major preventable causes of cancer, stress is another factor.  An Australian study published in Nature Communications in March 2016 revealed that when mice are exposed to chronic, ongoing stress, their lymphatic systems undergo physical changes that make it quicker and easier for cancer to spread throughout their bodies. Although there have not been similar studies conducted in humans as yet, these findings are a big step towards understanding how stress helps tumour cells escape. (

It can’t be argued that stress is one of the most difficult-to-measure preventable causes of cancer and that some people handle it better than others, but there are certainly resources out there which will provide you with the information you need and strategies you can then use to help create a positive mind-body connection. In fact, a 2014 study published in the journal, ‘Cancer’, by researchers from the Tom Baker Cancer Centre in Calgary and the University of Calgary, found evidence to suggest that support groups which encourage meditation and yoga can alter the cellular activity of cancer survivors. (

Of all the meditation packages on the market, you’ll have to go a long way on both quality and price to beat Holothink’s Deep Zen transformational audio meditation program which utilizes specific, scientifically defined brainwave frequencies to emulate what a zen monk experiences in deep, blissful meditation. As virtually no-one has seven years to dedicate to a monastery in a serene, remote mountain setting, the Deep Zen program works out at about 91 cents per month over these seven years and, of course, you can keep on using it! Here are some things you need to know about the program:

  • No prior meditation experience or training is required before accessing the audio program which is designed to take you to a place of quiet stillness that will become richer and deeper with consistent use. The program is also not oriented towards any particular religion or spiritual orientation.
  • Deep Zen consists of a unique ‘Triple Harmonic Chord’ audio track that provides a powerful meditation experience. You’ll barely hear that “magic” track behind the relaxing sound of rain, chimes and Tibetan gongs. If you prefer not to hear those sounds, the audio also offers an alternative version of each of the three levels that contain the binaural tones only which will enable you to perceive distinct and genuine 360° sound on your headphones. These digitally programmed binaural beat tracks will gently guide your brainwave state into deep theta – a deeply relaxed state just above sleep where the mind unplugs from conscious reality and ventures into the spiritual realm.
  • The program is not designed to “push thresholds” which is a meditative technique that stresses your brain so that you eventually learn to live with that stress level, making it seem less significant and more easily manageable. Rather, Deep Zen is based on a philosophy that learning to be peaceful, relaxed, introspective and clear in one moment, can be applied to any moment.
  • There are three programs, each taking you to a deeper place than the preceding one, with each level running for about 30 minutes. Deep Zen Audio Meditation Level 1 accesses the theta brainwave frequency of deep relaxation and the deepest level of waking meditation – the place where conscious and subconscious boundaries align and creativity is sparked. The carrier wave tones in Deep Zen One change left and right channels every minute to create improved brain hemisphere balancing. Level 2 contains the same super effective meditation program as Deep Zen 1, but it uses a lower frequency carrier wave. The ‘Triple Chord Harmonic’ technology used at level 2 is approximately three times more powerful than any other program currently available on the market. Level 3 is like listening to three programs at once and so is very challenging and produces extremely intense meditation experiences. As such, it shouldn’t be accessed until after you’ve worked with levels 1 and 2 for at least a month as your brain needs time to acclimatise.
  • Holothink has a ‘no questions asked’ refund policy within 60 days of purchase if the buyer isn’t happy with the product.

Some people believe that a few moments of meditation won’t really help to lower their stress level as the issues which cause it (i.e. divorce proceedings, financial issues, high-stress job, major health problems etc.) are still there afterwards. It may help to think about it in terms of how muscles get stronger. Unrelenting exercise simply tears down a muscle and leads to injury. Smart exercisers know the value of a day of rest when their muscles have time to regenerate and come back stronger than before. If you think about your mind as an emotional muscle, continuous stress without a break won’t make it stronger. Your emotions and your brain, as well as your body, need moments of recovery to get stronger from stress.

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