You Are Not A Victim (By Yaz Rooney)

Do you have a victim mentality? If so, you will have considerably less power to manifest the life that you’ve always wanted. My job is to help you build your power, and one way is to urge you to check in with yourself, and determine whether or not a victim mentality is holding you back.

You see, a ‘victim’ can never move forward in life because they are so focussed on the past, and on the pain that they feel. They become absorbed in it all and life revolves around old wounds that won’t heal because they won’t let let them heal.

So how do you know if you have a victim mentality? Check through this list, just to make sure:

  • You are generally a pessimistic person
  • You think the world is a dangerous place and that you’re not really safe
  • You always talk about how people hurt you in the past or in the present
  • You spend a lot of time feeling sorry for yourself
  • You re-live painful experiences and feel small and victimized
  • You love getting sympathy from others
  • You feel that life is against you and people are out to get you
  • You’re over-sensitive and prickly around others
  • You blame other people or situations for your miseries
  • You feel that people are attacking you when they try to tell you what they think
  • You are over-dramatic and make mountains out of molehills
  • You keep reliving past painful memories that made you feel like a victim
  • You look on the dark side of everything, even when there are things to be happy about
  • You refuse to see different points of view when discussing your problems
  • You never take responsibility for what happens in your life
  • You believe that other people have better lives than you
  • You never do anything to improve the way you feel, refusing to look inward and take responsibility for your life now
  • You have a lot of friends who moan and complain like you do
  • You enjoy telling your sad life stories to other people
  • You expect others to make you feel happy about yourself

A lot of victims had a difficult time during childhood, perhaps because of physical, sexual, emotional or psychological abuse. While you had no control as a child, as an adult, you have the choice as to how you live your life now.

The thing is, powerful people do not allow the past to define them; they do not let all the bad things that happened shape what happens today. Powerful people use the past to make them better people, more POWERFUL people. They turn their back on the past and make the most of TODAY. They USE their past pain to make them stronger and better people. They realize that focussing on the past means that doors will never open for them because negativity makes us miss all the real opportunities that are out there. 

Are you still a victim of the past? If so, begin your transformation today, simply by acknowledging it. Look at ways to take responsibility for your life. Examine how your negativity has held you back. Your own power is waiting for you, but you have to get your head out of the past first.

I wish you all the love in letting the past go.

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