Everything is Known (By Yaz Rooney)

It’s really important to internalize the fact that what you desire at the deepest level of you is already known. You don’t have to convince ‘the universe’ that you want something. Our need for love, for connection, for belonging, for acceptance; all of it is held by something far greater than us. In the Master’s Journey Courses I explain that you don’t have to visualise, or create vision boards, or do anything at all to make your dreams happen. Everything in your heart is known – your greatest joys, your deepest pain and your yearnings for a better life. You are part of something profound and beautiful. You are NOT alone. If you feel alone, it is because you believe you are. This journey you are on is not only about getting the material things you want. It is about your re-connection to the vast reservoirs of love available to you and then enjoying the fruits of the world. When we lavish in love, everything we experience is far sweeter.

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