If You’re Not Getting What You Want Out Of Life, It is Because You Are Clutching Old Ideas (By Yaz Rooney)

We all want new and wonderful experiences, and at LazyWisdom Mystic, we are about helping you to make them happen. We can point the way, but only you can walk the path. Manifesting your dreams is as simple and as easy as you’ll allow it to be. If it’s proving difficult, it is because you’re holding on to something.

LET THIS BE YOUR THOUGHT FOR TODAY: ‘If I am not getting what I want, it’s because I am holding on to something.’

That something is always, and ONLY always, a belief. I remember really wanting to have a good relationship with my parents. It was something I truly wanted manifest in my life. It had always been difficult because my father had been a violent bully when I was growing up, and my mother a passive woman who didn’t try hard enough to protect me. We all tried to make it work in later years, but somehow, no matter how I tried, I could never be comfortable with them. Then one day, I was having a conversation with a friend who talked about how a lot of abusive parents were only able to give a small percentage of love to their children because they were caught up in their own internal drama of self-loathing. They were not capable of more because the torment of self-hatred is a destructive force that overwhelms everything else.

I suddenly realised that I had carried a belief that told me that they could have done more to love me, but didn’t. My belief system insisted that my father could have controlled his rages, but didn’t – my mother could have been more courageous, but wasn’t. It was this belief system that prevented me from really letting them into my heart. That day, I challenged those beliefs and came to the realisation that they did the best they could while carrying the heavy burdens of self-hate. Only then did everything change. The next time I saw them, it was in a completely different light; they were just two people who fought their own demons, and were on a journey, just like everyone else, in dealing with them. From that day on, they lived in my heart and our relationship improved exponentially. I had to remove those beliefs to make my dream of a good relationship happen.

What are you holding on to today? What issues in your life are hurting you? Remember,  if you’re struggling, it is because you’re holding on to some belief that no longer serves you. Take time to think about these things. It could change everything.

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