Don’t Believe What You Think (By Yaz Rooney)

Do you remember me telling you in another post that our beliefs will determine what we allow to manifest in our lives, and if you are struggling with getting the life that you want, then you will need to challenge those beliefs?

Your conscious or unconscious beliefs will tell you a story about your circumstances every time you look around you, every time you interact with people, every time you enter into relationships, every time you start a new job, every time you meet new people, every time you watch TV. Because of this, how you interpret the situation does not necessarily represent what is happening. What you see is what you believe. And I’m here to tell you that you shouldn’t believe everything you think, but that you should challenge your belief systems if you are to change your circumstances for the better.

I once worked with a woman in Dubai, who was also an expat from a different country. We were in the same department, and she’d been there much longer than me. A higher position came up quite unexpectedly, and I respectfully waited for her to apply, but when she didn’t, I put myself forward, and got the job. Much later on, we had a rather emotional confrontation in which she admitted she was resentful towards me because I was British. It turned out that she believed that only British people got top positions in this company, which was why she hadn’t bothered to apply. Her cultural beliefs also told her that management were responsible for her career progression, and that she should have been asked to take up the position.

I spent some time encouraging her to challenge her beliefs. I produced evidence that a very large number of people from her country occupied top management positions, and that our superiors had waited on her application, but that when it didn’t come, they were forced to take on a much less experienced person (me). Being Brits, and having a different cultural orientation, they believed that employees were responsible for their own progression through the company and when she didn’t apply, assumed that she wasn’t interested.

So you can see how, in a different cultural environment, her beliefs ruined her career prospects. She continued to believe everything that she thought, because she persisted in clinging to her beliefs. She never got anywhere that she wanted to go, because nothing changed in her mind. Instead, she became a bitter woman who blamed everyone else for her misfortune.

Look at the circumstances in your life that you’d like to change, but can’t. Can you identify any beliefs that may be getting in the way of this change?

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