You Are Worthy (By Yaz Rooney)

Very often in my healing and teaching career, I would ask my students/clients to make a list of ten of their ‘good’ characteristics, and ten of what they imagined were their ‘bad’ points. Every time, without fail, they would whiz through their bad points first, and in a lot of cases, add to the list of ten. When it came to listing their good attributes, they weren’t nearly so successful. If I could get them to write three positive characteristics I’d be having a good day. If I asked you to do this exercise now, what thoughts and feelings would arise? How difficult would you find it to acknowledge your innate goodness, your loving nature and your worthiness as a human being?

I discovered through my own intensely difficult journey that no matter who we are, or what we have done with our lives, at the core of our nature is love. Though we might have forgotten what it means to show it, each one of us is innately good because of the nature of our origins, and the very fact that we exist in this world, means we belong and are worthy of being here. I also discovered long ago, that those who disagree with these statements are those who remain (perhaps unconsciously) caught in their own pain, believing every negative idea that they hold in the mind.

I hope you can see your own beauty and innate goodness. If you can’t yet, work hard to see it. Life is so much better when you do.

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