The Conscious Living Series: Part 3: Knowing What You Want Out Of Life (By Yaz Rooney)

Why are you not manifesting the life that you want? Reason number 1 is, it may not be what you really want.

It happens to a lot to people; they might tell themselves that they want a specific job, when in actual fact, they really just want the security and the lifestyle that the salary will bring. Or they might tell themselves they want a partner in life, when they really just do not want to be lonely as they get older. Sometimes we focus on the wrong thing when we are trying to manifest something – we concentrate on the MEANS, rather than the END RESULT.

So, if it is really loneliness that you are avoiding, you may never meet that life partner that you keep imagining that you want (if that is not what you wanted deep down within yourself), but you may end up with something far more alluring to you – a ‘zoo’ of animals at the end of your garden!

It is important, then, to really think about what it is you are asking for. Do you want a big win on the lottery, or do you want to be free to pursue a spiritual life? Perhaps instead of working, you want to spend time in an ashram in India. What if the universe knew for sure that a lottery win would NOT free you, but would DISTRACT you from your true desire? What if the universe brought a local, home-grown guru to your attention, and you didn’t have to go far to develop your spiritual life? What if over time, you began to realize that your current job and circumstances were helping to develop you in a spiritual way? It is usually with hindsight that we see the absolute wisdom of the universe.  So it is important NOT to focus on the means. Concentrate instead on the end result.

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