The Conscious Living Series: Part 4: Surrender To A Higher Power (By Yaz Rooney)

Why are you not manifesting the life that you want? Reason number 2 is, you are not surrendering to the universe, to God.

It is a folly of human nature to believe that we know HOW things should come about, and WHEN they should come about. When we decide what it is that we want to manifest, we tend to have our own strategies in mind. We ignore the flow of the universe. We are so busy trying to make those manifestations happen through sheer will-power that we fail to feel within, the genuine promptings of God. We are working OUTSIDE of the universal flow, and this usually means that we end up delaying the process of manifestation. In other words, we are getting in our own way. For example, you might want a wildly expensive super-luxury car and so you follow your own strategy; you sell your house, leave your job for another higher paid one, and yet you find that you still can’t quite meet the price required. You’ve got in your head a mantra which repeats ‘I’ve got to make this happen, I’ve got to make this happen’. You keep working hard, taking on evening work and even a third job, yet that car still eludes you because lots of different things happen, such as ending up in court having to pay out large sums of money.  

So what is happening in this case? You are trying to manifest the car with your MIND. You are convinced that it is YOU that will make it happen. What this means is, you are trying to do it all yourself, without help from the universe. There is no acknowledgement on your part as to your place in the grand scheme of things. There is no sense of the interconnectedness of life, no sense of the deeper nature of humanity. If you cannot connect with your own divinity, you will always experience an emptiness and loneliness in the soul. This method of trying to manifest is a common mistake that people make. There are teachers out there telling us that we have to use the mind and that manifestation is about the sheer power of the will. These teachers leave out the most important teachings, the teachings that tell you that you cannot do it alone and that to manifest what you want, you have to acknowledge the universe beyond you as being part of your greater mind.

Remember that everything is known. The universe knew that you would do this, knew that you would try to manifest through the power of your will. The roadblocks are there to teach you something about your need to connect emotionally and mentally to your deeper self. To your divinity. Life is about reconnection to our greater power, and manifesting better realities is one way in which life helps us make that reconnection.

So always remember that you do not do any of it alone. That thing you want manifest, that LIFE you want manifest, is on its way. Your job is to surrender, and that means that you wait for the gentle promptings of the universe. You get a feel in your heart for what you need to do. You don’t make neurotic plans that arise out of your fears and ancient belief systems. You allow life to present you with opportunities and you rise to every challenge that arises. You listen to the messages of God and have daily conversations through the events that occur. You see yourself in others and if you need to adjust your beliefs, attitudes and behaviours, then you do it. If you have to overcome fears, you do it. God will take you to the things you desire, and sometimes they come with the price of ideas that you need to give up. So learn what surrender means, and work with universal law.

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