The Conscious Living Series: Part 5: Let Go Of The Old, Bring In the New (By Yaz Rooney)

Why are you not manifesting the life that you want? Reason number 3 is, you are not willing to let go of the old, to let in the new.

This means that you are unwilling to make the changes necessary in your life to bring your desires into manifestation. Perhaps, for example, age-wise, you are in your late fifties, or early sixties and you want more from your life; you are not satisfied with retirement and want to pursue something that will allow you to use the skills you learned during your career years. The only prospects available that you know you would very much enjoy are online business opportunities. The trouble is, you realize that you’ll have to learn about online marketing, social media and such things. You have plenty of skills from your former career to share online, but you can’t be bothered to learn to get around the internet, open social media accounts and generally start a whole new mode of doing business. In other words, you won’t let go of the old way of doing things to allow in new experiences.

Very often, people stay stuck in their lives, wishing for new and different experiences, but are not willing to make the changes necessary. Many people want worldly adventures, but instead follow their parents’ and grandparents’ and great-grandparents’ way of living. For example, they become obsessed with the idea of climbing the property ladder, and get stuck in a life they didn’t necessarily want. In other words, when faced with the choice of putting their money into travel, or following old traditions of eking out a living, they choose the old ways. Even though it made those before them generally unsatisfied with life.

Sometimes, the OLD refers to our personalities. If you want a special relationship of love and friendship with a romantic partner, then you had better be prepared to possess those same qualities. Are you the type that does not share your feelings? Do you put yourself first, before others? If so, then your own personality needs to change if you are wanting a relationship of love and friendship. You are going to have to explore your beliefs and make yourself more vulnerable to others if you want to nurture trust and love.

Sometimes life challenges us to see what it is that keeps us chained to a life that we don’t want. When we suddenly come into money that will free us up to do the things we desire, what do we do instead? Do we fix the roof of the house? Buy a new kitchen? Put it in the bank for a rainy day? Or do we thank the universe and take that world trip? Will we continue to be selfish and set in our ways? Or will we embrace change and find true love?

So, when you are thinking about your intended manifestation, be aware of what ideas are being challenged. Are they keeping you rooted to the spot? Or will you have the courage to let go and do something different?

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