The Conscious Living Series: Part 8: Align Your Beliefs (By Yaz Rooney)

Why are you not manifesting the life that you want? Reason number 6 is, you have a set of beliefs that are not congruent with what you want.

Okay, so you want to manifest a lot of money, but you believe deep down that money is the source of all evil in the world. How are you going to follow the money when everything within you is screaming that it’s wrong to do so? If the universe brings you money in the shape of a great job opportunity, but you turn it down because you don’t want to be a part of the capitalist system, then you will not manifest what you want. Instead, you will come up against your beliefs, which you will continue to clutch.

Remember that our desires belong to a universal system that is getting us to challenge our beliefs. So while a lottery win would have been ideal for you, it would have allowed you to hold on to rigid ideas. Perhaps the universe wants you to break down your rigid thinking. Perhaps the corporate position would have led you along a path that would have challenged many ideas within you, freeing you to be the person you really want to be. The Law of Purpose suggests that every situation that we find ourselves in gets us to see some aspect of ourselves. They offer us challenges which show up our strengths and our weaknesses. To manifest the life that we want, we have to consider those challenges before us and consider them carefully. When you find that you have a negative opinion of money, you are challenged to ask why. You might be surprised at what comes up. 

So if you find yourself in a situation where your desired manifestation has not shown up for a very long time, and doesn’t appear to even be on the horizon, explore any opposing beliefs that you might have. Look around you. What clues do your surroundings hold? What kind of people are in your life? What patterns keep showing up? Perhaps you’re missing all the signs presenting themselves to you. Remember that the universe is in constant communication with you. Learn the language of your world and discover what it is you truly believe.

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