The Conscious Living Series: Part 9: Communicate Through Higher Perception (By Yaz Rooney)

Why are you not manifesting the life that you want? Reason number 7 is, you are not communicating with God/the Universe.

The Law of Attraction makes it clear that the universe, God, is always communicating with you. When you have a deep desire to make something manifest in your life, the universe will show you by way of the situations that you find yourself in, the people in your life and your interactions with them, how you are coming along with it. If you suddenly get opportunities to move closer to your goals, what does the experience bring up in you? If your boss suddenly gives you the opportunity to prove yourself for that major promotion you were seeking, does the idea of selling to top CEOs fill you with fear? If so, what are you doing about it? Are you working on it? Are you surrounded by people who are giving in to their fears in one way or another, and if so, how does that reflect what you are doing? What patterns of behaviour are showing up in people around you? Did your car break down, reflecting your own fear of moving forward? What IS it that your environment is showing you?

The Laws of Attraction and Purpose are there to help you have that divine conversation. You are always able to see where you are if you are willing to look. Remember, if you want to become a Master, then you have to learn the ways of a Master. You have to learn the language of God. You have to be in constant conversation, ever-vigilant. At first, this feels like work, but that’s because you have never been taught to do it. As you become accustomed to it, it becomes second nature to you. 

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