The Conscious Living Series: Part 10: Keep Focussed On The Present Moment (By Yaz Rooney)

Why are you not manifesting the life that you want? Reason number 8 is, you are stuck in the past and projecting it on to the future.

Remember. The future that you see projected in your mind, is nothing more than a mirror image of your past. The future is a mirage. It is not real, but when you are worrying about what lies in this illusory place, you are shifting your attention away from what is here, right now. All the power lies in where your attention is fixed. If you are here today, focusing on what is going on around you, focusing on what challenges are present, and what the challenges are showing you, you are creating your reality. When you are acting on the impulses of the universe, you are creating your reality. When you are observing your surroundings and listening to the messages that God is giving you, you are creating your reality. You are NOT creating your reality when you are looking at an illusory future and reacting to it with fear. When you are filled with fear about things that MIGHT POSSIBLY happen, you start making choices based on those fears. You are no longer making choices based on what is here right now. You have placed yourself on a completely different trajectory. You are off-course and everything will be delayed until you get back on track.

So what do you do to get back on track? Ask yourself where your attention is. Ask yourself on what basis you are making decisions. Have you blocked out any notion of the future? Do you acknowledge that there is only ever this present moment, and that to succeed, you have to have all your attention fixed right here? Or are you conjuring up some terrible disaster that resembles something that happened in your past? Are you taking preventative measures? Have you created a Plan B in case what you’re doing now doesn’t work? Is your energy going into all these preventative measures, instead of on what you should be doing to create your reality today? Have a good look, and then bring all your attention back. Make this a daily practice, a morning ritual. Perform a daily evaluation by asking yourself, ‘Where is my attention today?’

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