LazyWisdom Publications Introduces Its Outstanding New Video Course, ‘Your Mind-Body Journey Towards Wellness’



24 Videos on different aspects of mind-body health
Course Transcript with sources taken from over 45 different websites and 20 studies on the mind-body connection 
9 BONUS Video Courses related to mind-body health
16 BONUS E-Books related to mind-body health
15 BONUS Resources incl. Mind Maps, Checklists & Audio related to mind-body health
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        24-Module Mind-Body Wellness Course


‘Your Mind-Body Journey Towards Wellness’ is a 24-module video course comprising over five hours of cutting-edge material which will expand your knowledge of the holistic approach to medicine and, in so doing, transform the way in which you deal with any health issues now or in the future. No longer will you view physical disease as purely a manifestation of symptoms in the body, but will know at the deepest part of yourself the role played by the mind in creating the disease in the first place and, more importantly, how you can harness its power in the healing process.        

Once you have completed the ‘Your Mind-Body Journey Towards Wellness’ course, you will:

Understand how the power of your mind affects your body in critical ways when it comes to helping to prevent and heal disease.

Know how the ‘placebo effect’ provides significant clinical evidence that the power of the mind positively impacts on the body.

Realize that the condition of your physical body can also affect your mind or mental state.

 Understand how your lifestyle choices play a major role in the onset of chronic disease.

Apply psychological, emotional and spiritual inputs to assist in your overall wellness.

Understand how the knowledge gained from recognising your behavioural archetype and working to eradicate the negative aspects of it can help prevent to disease or assist in the healing process.

Recognize how your beliefs about yourself and your external world help to create disease.

Implement the knowledge acquired from five different healing modalities popular in Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) to help prevent disease or assist in the healing process.

Be able to apply some practical steps which will help heal both your mind and body through a holistic approach to wellness.    

Create your own plan of action for mind-body wellness.

        24-Module Mind-Body Wellness Course


Module 1: Case Study: A Personal Journey To Mind-Body Health

Module 2: Overview Of The Mind-Body and Body-Mind Connection

Module 3: How Your Mind State Creates Disease In Your Body

Module 4: How Disease In Your Body Impacts Upon Your Mental Condition

Module 5: The Conventional View Of Medicine Vs Complementary & Alternative Medicine

Module 6: How Effective Is The Conventional Approach To Treating Disease In The West?

Module 7: The Placebo Effect & Studies Showing The Powerful Impact Of Mind Over Body

Module 8: The Role Played By Psychological, Emotional & Spiritual Wellness In Overall Health

Module 9: Understanding Our Behavioural Archetype To Help In The Healing Process

Module 10: Dealing With Invalidation And Attachment To Help In The Healing Process

Module 11: Moving From Tribal To Individual To Symbolic Power For Optimal Mind-Body Health

Module 12: Seven Strategies Of The Mind Which Assist Towards Healing In The Body

Module 13: How Positive Relationships With Other People Impact On Your Health

Module 14: How A Positive Relationship With Yourself Plays A Role In Mind-Body Health

Module 15: How Lifestyle Choices Play A Major Role In The Rise Of Chronic Diseases

Module 16: How Different Lifestyle Inputs Affect Mind-Body Wellness

Module 17: Creating Your Plan For Mind-Body Wellness

Module 18: The Kind Of Person That Makes A Mind-Body Wellness Plan Work

Module 19: The Five Key Benefits Of A Holistic Focus To Wellness

Module 20: Selected CAM Modality 1: Visualisation Using Positive Mental Imagery

Module 21: Selected CAM Modality 2: Imagery And Visualisation With Biofeedback

Module 22: Selected CAM Modality 3: Group Psychotherapy Or Group Therapy

Module 23: Selected CAM Modality 4: Yoga And Meditation

Module 24: Selected CAM Modality 5: Happiness Therapy

        24-Module Mind-Body Wellness Course

Are the prevention and healing principles taught here backed by science?



ABSOLUTELY! Lance, your course producer and presenter, will share some fascinating scientific studies that will change your perception of health and healing in the most positive of ways. You will be able to access all source references through the course transcript and discover the amazing work being done in the field of natural Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

What qualifications does the course presenter have?



Lance is a former Communications Manager for his own company in South Africa and, most recently, Group Training Manager at a large holdings company in Qatar. Today, Lance describes himself as a ‘proud cancer thriver’ who healed himself through alternative and natural protocols. A diagnosis of a particularly deadly form of skin cancer in 2013 and a poor prognosis for 5-year survival drove him to research the vast number of natural healing modalities in order to avoid gruelling immunotherapy (Ipilimumab) and, most importantly, give him a chance at overall longer-term survival. Through intensive scientific research from 20 studies and over 45 different websites, followed by implementation of everything he has learned, he now dedicates his life to showing other sufferers of deadly diseases that there IS HOPE if one is willing to explore alternatives. 

How will I access the 24-module course and all of the bonuses?



On registration, you will create a username and password to the Mind-Body Course section of the LazyWisdom Mystic website. On your dashboard, you will access the full mind-body course, all the bonus materials and the LazyWisdom Mystic Meditation Centre which allows you access to all of its meditation materials. 

Will I get permanent access?



Of course you will. Your payment gives you permanent access to the Mind-Body section of LazyWisdom Mystic. If you decide that you’d like to explore further courses, you can get in touch with us through our Contact links. 

How is the course material organised?



All materials are organised in easy-to-follow sections that take you progressively from from one module to the next. You’ll also find additional video courses, e-books and supplementary resources related to the video material in the relevant modules. Everything is organised to promote maximum interest and learning for you, with stimulating graphics and on-screen captions designed to enrich your learning experience. We are seasoned educators and know how to present learning content to different types of learners. We care very much that you get the best out of this course and use it to optimise your health. 

What happens if I need some sort of tech support?



We at LazyWisdom Mystic are always easily available through our contact links on your dashboard. If you experience a tech issue that is not sourced on your end, then we always sort it out straight away.

Do you have a refund policy?



Yes we do. If you ask for your money back within 48 hours of purchase, we will refund you and close down access to your LazyWisdom Mystic account. 

        24-Module Mind-Body Wellness Course

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